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About Us

MIA Teknoloji was founded in 2006 by 3 newly graduated computer engineers. After a little over a decade;  with more than 60 employees including 30 engineers MIA Teknoloji is now one of the most valuable company in the Techno Park of Gazi University.


 With our increasing experience, we use our unique innovation and R&D activities in order to meet the needs of our customers.


 We follow certified technology in order to create satisfactory products and services for both government and private based business partners and projects. 

 As a privately owned company, we as MIA Teknoloji provide the following services:


·         Integrated Health Information Management

·         Biometrical Identity, Recognition & Control Systems

·         Smart And Safe Facility, Building And Campus Solutions

·         Public Safety

·         Critical Zone & Soft Target Protection

·         E-ID Projects

·         Payment, Card Solutions & Fintech

·         Data Analytics & Big Data Management

·         Cyber Security